Is CBD Safe for Dogs?

Is CBD a cure-all or is it just another snake oil that is designed to take your money and leave your dog still feeling bad? That’s the question that has been asked by many pet owners since CBD became available for pets and hit the market at a full run. If you have spent any […]

How To Give Your Dog CBD

Pets can be very difficult and stressful when it comes to feeding them. Some pets are picky in the event of administering drugs. A dog owner may need to come up with smart ways of administering CBD to his or her dog. Dogs might need to be tricked in order to get CBD into their […]

How To Supplement A Cat’s Diet With CBD Oil

Anyone that has a cat knows just how difficult it can be to give them medication. They have their own personality and don’t take very kindly to be forced to do anything, let alone allow you to put something in their mouth. Fortunately, there are a number of means that you can use to add […]

Is Human CBD Safe for Dogs?

This question comes up a lot. Many people simply consider buying “pet CBD”, or they may have some CBD they’ve been using, and now they want to give it to their dog. Bottom line, yes you can use CBD which is branded and produce for “humans” on your pets, you just need to get the […]